Friday, October 29, 2010

The Bite Diet

I wish they would come out with something called the bite diet. I've thought about this for awhile and if they did come out with it, it would be really expensive. It would be advertised towards people trying to lose weight or heavily restricting. It would come in a container with 10 slots. Each slot would have a bite sized piece of food with the calories labeled on it. It could be anything from steak, a cheeseburger, cheesecake, etc.

It would literally be one bite. I think it would help cravings. When I was living out of state for awhile with my boyfriend, I would restrict all day and then he would make a steak. I would have the smallest bite and that would be good for me. Or if he made pasta, I had one forkful and that was it. It helped soooo much. Anything he ate, I had one bite of it. It was really perfect actually. However, it annoyed the crap out of him, always asking for a bite of his food, but that bite of steak or pasta was way better than my slice of 30 calorie cheese with 5 crackers so it was worth it.

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  1. I've thought about this too! Just wanted you to know you're not alone, haha.