Sunday, February 27, 2011

Weekend Fun

This weekend I spent some much needed time with friends. Friday night we went out to dinner and did some gambling. It was so much fun because the slot machine was Sex and the City :) Then the following night I went over to a friend's house for some dinner, wine and music. It was a lovely weekend.

^grilled chicken for dinner

^drinks with friends

^sex and the city slot machines :)

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Last night I enjoyed a nice dinner with some friends and then after we went to a bar to enjoy some drinks and music. Little did I know that the band was going to be incredibly awesome. Not only did they interact with their fans but they also interacted with me :) We were so close to the band that I had to move back while the lead guitarist did his solo so I wouldn't get whacked in the face with the neck of the guitar. They sung a bunch of covers and also did their own music. When he started to sing Bruno Mars Just the Way You Are, he knelt down on his knees and looked me in the eyes while he sung,

"Oh her eyes, her eyes,
Make the stars look like they're not shining
Her hair, her hair
Falls perfectly without her trying,
She's so beautiful
And I tell her every day..."

I couldn't help but smile and I swear I was glowing. I almost started crying. He was gorgeous and had a smile and an amazing personality to match. Best night ever, by far.

^Amazing vocals

^Guitar picks from the band

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Care Packages

I'm so excited. I'm working on sending out my first care package to a friend of mine. I've never sent one out before and the other night I was thinking about all of my beautiful followers and how I could put a smile on one of their faces. So here's my attempt of doing that :) I'm going to go out in a few days to buy some cute little things to send. I wish I could send something to everyone, especially to some of my friends from other countries. I've always wondered how much it costs to ship to another country, I'll have to ask when I ship out her package.

^Not actual package, just an image

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pink Sunday

Today I spent my lovely Sunday sipping on some hot coffee while reading Teen VOGUE, OK! and Women's Health along with skimming through some fashion blogs. I'll probably end up working out later as well which always makes me feel so accomplished and refreshed. I hope everyone is having a nice Sunday.

 ^Just changed my background on my computer :)

^Talked to some friends, via text messages since 
they live so far away :(

Saturday, February 12, 2011

lunch and cupcakes

I went out to lunch today to one of my favorite restaurants. It always feels so cozy when I'm there and the food is very yummy.

After my late lunch I went over to a friends for some coffee and a little shopping. I found the cutest little cupcake candle at this shop over by her house and I just had to buy it.

^This ballerina is so dainty and small <3

^Smells like frosting :)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Let Me Go

Lately things have been stressful. I started the new year with a bunch of new problems that I didn't have before. Staying positive and focusing on myself have truly helped me get through this difficult time in my life.

Today was spent working out, cleaning and laundry; glamorous, huh? However, I did come across something that is glamorous, a blog called Runway Hippie. It's my new love. I'm always looking for a great fashion blog to catch up on the latest trends.