Thursday, October 28, 2010

I need Skinny

I feel like I've been out of the loop. I have still been around, but I feel like I'm not all there and not as dedicated as before. I started to slack off around my birthday and never really got back on track. Then my grandpa passed away and obviously I wasn't doing anything to help myself lose weight.

I want to change all that. I'm not going to say some crazy plan that I'm going to do because every time I make a big statement like, "Only apples and water" or "Only water and coffee," I fail.

So here's the truth. I will mess up. I don't want too but it will probably happen. I'm not OK with it, but I am human and humans mess up. Here is my plan. From today to Sunday I'm going to do The Killer and The Survivor twice a day on alternating days and that's it. Then on Monday, I'm going to start the 30 day Shred over and stick to that workout ONLY. Before, I tried doing too much and it only made me fail.

As far as my caloric intake, I don't think I'll do any ONE specific diet. I'll just restrict. Some days I might eat 500 calories, some days I might eat apples only. I don't know. I hope this works out. I want to lose at least 25 pounds by the end of the year AT LEAST. Honestly, I could do 40 if I stick to my plan exactly but I don't want to make any BIG statements here because that only gets me into trouble.

I will do this. I want to be skinny. I'm tired of living this way. It may take longer than I thought and that sucks but I've taken too much time off from doing this. I've been the same weight for a month now and honestly, it's because I haven't been putting in the work.

So this is it.

I need Skinny.

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