Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I ate. Not a lot. In fact, I stayed within my caloric limit for the day, well to some extent. I was allowed 300 calories today but ate 400. I'm not mad because the truth is, I try to stay under 500 calories unless if my diet states that I should eat more on a particular day, then I do.

Anyways, back to dinner.

Dinner was disgusting. I saw the mashed potatoes on a plate in a shape of an omelet with a line of grease outlining it on the plate. It looked gross, in fact, it looked exactly like the fat I was trying to get rid of on my body that sits there like it's waiting for some sort of parade or something.  However, if you know my dad's cooking, sometimes his food looks gross when he's experimenting with a new recipe and it usually tastes amazing. I gave his greasy potatoes a try. As quickly as they went down my throat they quickly came out.

Lesson learned: Stick to the plan written out the day before and this problem should not happen again.

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  1. haha so funny :)I get that sometimes too. Your blog is superb, very personal and funny! Keep the good work girl!