Friday, November 19, 2010


Things have been stressful for me. I had everyone breathing down my throat telling me to get a job and thinking I was lazy because I didn't work. It's not that I didn't want to work, it's just because I'm picky, even though I shouldn't be, especially in my situation. Anyway...

I just got hired at my favorite store!!! I'm so happy. 

I was thrilled when I got the call tonight. She gave me my schedule for this week and it's pretty nice. So now that I know I'm working there, I'm going to buy another pair of jeans tomorrow and then buy some other things for my grandma's house. I'll probably stay at her place when I have work 2 or more days in a row since it's 45 minutes away from my house and only 10 minutes away from hers. I'm just really happy. This is awesome! 

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  1. Hey congrats on your new job :) it's hard to get what you want but I agree you have to be selective with what you want to do. You see it was worth waiting :) Really happy for you! xx