Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thinspo Journal

Some of these pictures have a glare >_< Also, I took these quotes from either myself or girls that I follow on Tumblr and Twitter. You might see your quote on here :) sorry that your name/URL isn't by it.

Black sketch book aka Thinspo Journal. I don't know what I want to put on the cover yet.

"I've always known it was laughable to wash down several slices of deliciously fattening pizza with a diet soda."

"Pretty Perfect"

"Sometimes I eat something bad because I don't want "IT" to control me. So I eat to rebel against it. But the truth is I want "IT" to control me because then I'll be skinny." 
     The words in BOLD are the magazine cut-outs. The magazine cut-outs say the quote that's written below.
     "I eat bad I want control. I rebel against the truth I want control I'll be skinny."

"As long as you are doing something because you love it, it can never be the wrong choice."

"Welcome to my life, I run on coffee and live to be model thin." 
(I think SkinnySweetpea said this) 

"I do it for fashion. I want to be skinny. I will not stop." 

"She lives with great discipline. She has a passion for perfection."


  1. So awesome<3 Definitely giving me some ideas for my own journal!

    I put 'inspire' on the cover of mine, just a suggestion. :3

    But yeah! I love it! :DD

  2. This is brilliant, I had a thinspo journal a few years back, i wonder if i can find it :)

  3. Wow that's really creative! I like the page with the quote where the magazine cut outs spell something else... freaking awesome

    Happy New Year!!!